Saturday, June 2, 2007

Has An L.A. Fitness Center Opened Near You?

They're everywhere lately! One just opened up near my house and I haven't had time to go check it out. But I'm wondering if there's a connection between LA Fitness and the LA Weight Loss program that's received so much publicity?

For example, this week's People Magazine cover story is about people that have lost at least 100 pounds. Reading the details, many of them lost their weight following the LA Weight Loss program which involves one-on-one counseling and a portion-controlled eating plan that costs $8 per week. Like Weight Watchers, there's also weekly weigh-ins. Are those weigh-ins done at the local LA Fitness location?

I'll be looking into this some more and posting soon with further details and a website link.


Michelle Dunn said...

I have really grown to despise L.A. Fitness for their "Wal-Mart-Esque" way of going about business. All the gyms I have visited in Dallas, Tx. resembled the same marketing scheme - pack as many members into any one club, and go cheap on the workout equipment. Had 3 months "free" to try them out, and only went once.

I also wanted to add that I recently stumbled upon a very informational diet page that has really helped me not make the same mistakes when trying to lose weight fast. Hopefully it help others as well.

Anonymous said...

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