Thursday, May 17, 2007

Another Low Cost Weight Loss Example

Monday's post was about a person who lost 160 pounds for only $80. This post tells a similar tale about a 45-year old woman who lost 222 pounds and dropped from 342 lbs. to 120 pounds by paying just $120 for Michael Thurmond's "Six Week Body Makeover" program and following it religiously. That's a bit more than the guy that only spent eighty bucks…..but still not a bad investment!

The Six Week Body Makeover plan requires cutting out sugar and switching over to five small meals per day. Breakfast would typically be a two egg-white omelet with veggies followed by a midmorning snack of smoked turkey and strawberries. Lunch might be tuna with half a baked potato followed with a small piece of chicken with pineapple in the late afternoon. Dinner is typically a low-carb vegetable wrap and a salad. It took the 5'3" schoolteacher about three years to lose the 222 pounds following this low-cost diet kit.