Saturday, April 7, 2007

Unexpected Benefits of Losing Weight

After I dropped 55 pounds, I experienced several unexpected benefits of the weight loss. For example, my spring-time allergies and sinus problems weren't as severe. I think my body was better able to fight colds as well because I didn't get sick nearly as much either. And of course there were fewer back-aches as well.

And one that I'm a little embarrassed to admit……regularity! Yep and not just regularity….but clockwork regularity! My exercise regimen also helped with blood circulation and I received several comments about my improved skin-color. Before that, I had become pasty-white. Yuck!

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Rick said...

When I lost 50 pounds about 8 years ago, I experienced the same things. I also found that my GERD went away. I'm in the position once again to lose some weight, so I'm looking forward to those benefits.