Tuesday, May 8, 2007

More On The Reverse Diet

A quick note about Tricia Cunningham's diet plan. Tricia consumes just 1,200 to 1,400 calories per day on this plan. The benefit of eating "meatloaf in the morning" is that you'll possibly lose more weight since people tend to be the most active after breakfast. High-protein fish and poultry give you sustained energy and help you feel better physically during the early hours of the day.

Another benefit is the reduced cravings for junk food on this plan. There's simply no desire (or place) to squeeze in things like potato chips or ice cream. If you're already accustomed to eating junk food later in the evening, you can tweak the Reverse Diet a bit by having a sensible dinner in the evening instead of the suggested oatmeal and shredded wheat.


Pain Relief Packs said...

This looks like a very interesting concept. Might be worth a try. Dinner for breakfast. Works for me!

Dave Patrick said...

Hey, Theres so much stuff floating around today that you wonder what really works, I guess ultimately it comes down to personal experience and successes. I guess any weight loss program needs dedication, perserverance and faith, with those three things the results happen. I find keeping the excess carbs down helps a lot.

stephanie said...

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